Yes, Gypsies Can Read [Study Post] [Solo]


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Oct 23, 2012

Suika, new to the village of Kumogakure, was immediately thrown into a hardcore curriculum upon her enrollment in its shinobi academy. Not only was her chakra aptitude examined, but her dexterity, combat strength, and willpower were also put to the test. She scored high in all parts for someone her age, but there was one additional area in particular that her teachers at the academy were concerned about: could the gypsy girl read? It was a reasonable query, too, especially as they read reports about her upbringing and how she was found. After all, her name was ‘watermelon’ based off the gypsy troupe she performed in, which was Ringo’s Emporium for Flavorful Fruits. Was a street performer knowledgeable in language and mathematics?

She sure was.

Her instructors were amazed as the tan-skinned student recited textbooks quite perfectly and exemplified above average mathematic ability. “What is your secret, Suika-chan?” questioned her marveled sensei. “Strawberry,” she announced casually. What she wasn’t sharing, however, was that her tutor growing up was none other than her troupe’s supposed seer, Ichigo. Ichigo was a strange woman… she was pretty theatrical, if nothing else. While she fashioned a colorful turban and spoke in an exaggerative accent, she was once a librarian in her previous occupation. What caused a librarian to leave their career and life behind for a life of performing on the road? Suika was unsure, but, as a child who craved the power of knowledge, she was always grateful for the woman’s willingness to teach her.

Suika was no scholar, but she exceled in her studies as much as she did within the shinobi arts. As an academy student, she was introduced to Kumogakure’s cherished language: Ancient Kumogakurian. It was its vulgar variation, but her superiors were adamant in letting her know that it was a useful tool of communication for all Cloud ninja. Not all shinobi knew Ancient Kumogakurian, but Suika strove to be more than just your average Jo. “First, lets learn the basics,” thought a much younger kunoichi-to-be. Burying her face in a large, ancient-looking textbook in the library, she attempted to sound out a word. It sounded like gibberish, but she focused intently on really grasping the language.

“καρπούζι” (watermelon) she repeated over and over again until the pronunciation sounded about right to what she heard, which was a good few hours. Satisfied with the result, she approached her language studies instructor and vocalized the word she had been practicing. “καρπούζι” (watermelon) she stated proudly. Her instructor grinned in response. “Watermelon? Your accent sucks, but great start, Suika-san. It seems you’re taking this very seriously, which is impressive for someone your age and rank. Need a tutor?”

She nodded. “I’ll verbally respond to your offer once I’ve mastered Ancient Kumogakurian,” she asserted, issuing a challenge to herself. Her instructor was even more impressed now; it was time to get to work.


As a Chuunin with a firm grasp of Ancient Kumogakurian from her years of studying and practicing it in the field, Suika ventured to Kumogakure’s library and ran into her old tutor. Her sensei, the a rank superior to she, silently sat in the middle of the library and flipped through a humongous book. Suika sneaked by him and tapped his shoulder. “Γεια σου παλιά μου φίλη.” (Hello, old friend) she interrupted with a friendly grin. Her instructor responded with a beaming smile. “Χρειάζεται ένα δάσκαλο;” (Need a tutor?) the old instructor asked, posing the same question to the kunoichi as he once did five years ago.

“Ναι, θα ήθελα και μια δασκάλα, δάσκαλος.” (Yes, I would love a tutor, teacher) Suika was proficient in Ancient Kumogakurian’s vulgar variant, but she noticed her instructor reading manuscripts upon its classical variation. In this case, she would definitely need a tutor, especially as she sought to reach Jounin rank this year. Who not better than the tutor that helped inspire this all?

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