Devil's Ascent

The cataclysmic earthquake that reverberated throughout all of Wind Country was centered within the land known as Godsfall. From this, a large opening was torn into the ground revealing the location where Dominus had been working for centuries creating his army of Unbent, The Swarm. The Devil's Ascent, a location that seems to have the temperature rise the further you descend into it, is still home to a horde of Unbent and potentially more dangers. This is suspected to be the base of operations for Dominus and his First Children and also a very active volcano. This is what has befallen the second half of Godsfall. The terrain is naturally hotter at all times, and the further you venture towards the recently open depression in the ground, the closer you come to an active underground volcano that houses the Temple of Homaru, the home base of Dominus. *Special Event Zone: Limited*