The First Wave (Story Only)


11th Kazekage
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Oct 22, 2012
The heat was so intense it could be felt anywhere, which was the outcome of residing within a volcano. This, however, was no issue to Dominus and his army. This was his normal for centuries, this hell had been his home far longer than anything on the surface had been. Yet, times were changing, so it was times for him to change as well. It was time to bring himself once more to the surface.

The roar of The Swarm was maddening. It was a steady white noise in the background as Dominus looked over to his generals, his First Children.

"Where are we with at preparations?"

We...are...we...are ready.

"Perfect. This will be the first wave...we will swarm them and see how their defenses hold...but I want that strong hold."

Dominus would slam his ax upon the ground, cracking it and causing a small pocket of lava start to bubble up under him. The First Children would screech and begin to rush towards various tunnels, the Swarm would join in screeching and begin to follow the different First Children, as if they were linked to specific ones. They would be onward, into the country to claim what their father requested.

Dominus would walk alone, towards a different path, towards a different direction but with just as much urgency.

The gears were starting to move...