Mirages... all of you! [Contract search]


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Oct 5, 2017
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Jibril had turned bored with the master she was serving right now, so she herself started to search for another master. After a bit of searching, she found Noba, yet she wasn't sure how he was worth just yet. So eventually during one of the solo missions Noba had, he encountered a sudden thick mist and blacked out because of it.
Upon awakening, he found himself in a room, where stones were glowing like runes. "What..." The words were muttered by the demonic person as he entered. All kinds of relics were hanging, blood on the floor next to skeletons... It was a glooming sight to be seen and not to mention a horrible one. Slowly he started to inch closer by till he found an effigy hanging off the ceiling in front of what seemed to be an exit. Upon touching it, his dark aura released itself, suddenly hitting the effigy and turning it into flames. Noba took a few steps back and suddenly the doorway expanded, leaving it the only way to go. "O-oi...Nala... we ain't dreaming this right..?" His guard was instantly raised by the moments that passed. Nala, however, remained silent yet left out a thinking hum. "Hatter..." He attempted to call forth on his Tsukuyomi contract, but even that one never replied. "Tsk... Never there when I need him." Noba sounded rather bitter on the words.

As he went through he could already hear past voices screaming out to him, wondering where to come from he started to move further and onward. "I... don't think I will like this..."

The land seemed to be tainted, a thing mist layer covering the ground and trees all looking dead yet seemed to move with something. "This looks exactly like the stories about blighted lands..." Were his mutterings as he moved himself step by step forward. "Was the old geezer right about this after all...?" He remembered this was always told to him as a child's story... Nothing more than that, but seeing this now he soon thought that this was something that he should be on the lookout for... If this was all real. But as he ventured further in, he was soon found to be wondering many things. What if he was indeed right about this world, as for him it seemed to live up to its name so far. As he walked in, he suddenly heard a voice calling out. "It... it is all my fault..." It was his past self-talking, standing there right there. His own eyes widen as he saw it standing there sobbing... "That... that is me..." He commented as he walked closer by, but upon touching his former self it disappeared. "H-hey! Don't go!" 'Oi! Brat, that isn't a real you!'[/i] Nala called out towards Noba, but Noba still managed to shout out, but nothing then looming silence got to him. Even if this was a plain ignorance, he didn't know at this point.

He started to move on further and saw another version of himself, with a memory he had tried to keep away. You could see himself being bullied by the other children. It made him angry but at the same time feeling lost about himself once more. "That... is me..." He started to say and Jibril snapped in her fingers, turning the people who had been bullying the echo once more attack them. Haunted by the vision, thinking he could do right, right now. He defended the echo and it once more disappeared with a small lead to follow. As the horrific creatures fell, sounds like snapping twigs as it's voice letting the back of his hairs stand right up. 'Ride in agony.' 'No escape...' and many more of those haunted sounds.

At the second echo, Noba stood still. His... his past home, the green like mist, the village in minature, stood there. It stood right there if there had no harm being done to it yet. As he started to move around the miniatures, recognizing a lot of things here and there... And suddenly voices started to surround him and he was left to listen to them. 'You left us to die!' 'You failed to tell them! You could have saved us!' The small boy Noba replied in remorse. "I failed them all... All of them..." And after that, all of them started to turn again in attacking creatures and NOba was once more to defend himself.
'I don't want to experience that ever again, I don't want anyone ever to experience that again!' He sounded in his mind and started to attack it till they were all gone. 'NOBA! THIS AIN'T REAL!' But it seemed a futile moment that Nala tried to intervene with the jinchuriki... It seemed this was no use as Noba was too sucked up to what was happening. 'If this goes on... I have no other choice.'
Feeling hatred about himself, agony... Which seemed to seep in deeper then he wanted. "No... I have to get out or I won't help anyone..." And from the shadows of his own, Jibril started to emerge. A smile crept up her face. As Noba walked on further, not giving in to the whispers. She kept behind. "This... this one is a rather... interesting one..." She would embark and have a sinister grin on her face. She had a huge thing in store for him. To test him further out if he was worthy to hold her as a contract.
The last one was a hard one to swallow for Noba. It wasn't a true sight, but still, one he didn't want to see. Blood was everywhere with the body of his former father figure. The old man. He looked down and had to take a long deep breath, even Nala didn't seem to be amused by this fact. "Oi oi... This is rather low to sink..." His voice was calm, he knew this didn't happen yet to his master or the fact, how this displayed it, that he had done this. "I had enough..." He said and went into his full Jinchuriki form. “Enough! Show me your true form, monster!" He shouted out and Nala was smiling from the inside also. Slowly the angelic figure started to emerge from one of the shadows in the surrounding. Laughing from her place she swirled her scythe on her shoulder. "Soooo do you really think... You can overcome all of these struggles?"
"Do you wish to test this theory you have right here and now?" He grinned and would take a stance also, now he was just a medical ninja... But soon he would change paths as he didn't want to go this route anymore. "The old geezer won't end up dead, because we both love him. Not just me you wretch!" He said and would smile proudly as he knew Nala felt this way too. As he clashed with the contracts weapon she would smile innocently towards him. Her eyes glowing and a shadow-like tendril was gripping on to him. "Then... if that is the case... Then how hard can it be..? To finally forgive yourself for what you have been doing all this time... The little brat is standing right there... Just say he is useless then, worthless, and he did let everyone die." She would humm as she took a distance, letting Noba stand there on his own. "No! Because that isn't true! The village head did all of this! He was the one murdering everyone so he could stay on the top. Little me never did anything stupid! He was always brilliant and had a loving father he did push him away to save him from the village! The blight was something he had no control over!" He shouted and indirectly had looked a few times towards the shadow-like a version of himself and the tendrils were slowly fading away. Tears were staining the good eye Noba had left. "I made this place to show you your struggles. Your own holding you back from going further." Jibril whispered into his ear. Noba bit on his lip as he heard that, so all this time this evil thing was helping him... Yet forgiving yourself... was one of the hardest things to do if you blame yourself for the life you had so far... But everything right now, made him see through all that. Jibril, of course, started to lean upon the male and glance. The full form of a jinchuriki faded away... A sigh left the male and looked with a glance towards her back. "What do you say... if I stay by your side as a reminder of today... till the day I can claim your soul?" She grinned, all this was exactly as she wanted. And Noba started to agree with it, yet said she couldn't have his soul as that already belonged to Nala... A painful expression soon got to her and a burn like marking was soon found upon the male's flesh. "W-what did you do?!" "Signed our contract..." She would embark and show her own mark from this. It was, without knowing much and he had a contract on his own. But this day left him exhausting, mostly mentally. Yet when he woke up... He woke up in the sand desert with Hatter looming over him. "I thought you would never wake up... However... No idea what did happen, you have gotten a tattoo like burn on your lower arm." Noba could only winch as he got up. "G-great...What happened…?"
“You stumbled upon a thick mist and blacked out… I floated around but nothing seemed to happen in this world… Maybe it was all a genjutsu you were stuck in?” ’And believed all of that… “Even worse… I need to stop letting my guard down.” “Ooooh master” And all of them sighed. “Guess I got myself another contract….”

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