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Oct 5, 2017
Kill Switch
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Slowly he made his way towards the cave. 'this...is where the scent is coming from..' he spoke in a rather whispering matter and a floating person would expose himself slowly. 'I cannot find anything either around.' Noba would drop towards the ground and place his hand on the ground. “Down below is a solid ground…” He started to mutter. “It doesn’t make sense…” It annoyed the hell out of him with the fact that he couldn’t clearly figure out where it was coming from. “The scent is here… in here…” Hatter started to go more towards the end of the hall and would attempt to figure out a way. Noba started to create a simple fireball in his hand to keep a bit of light. “It is getting rather dark…” He said and Hatter would comment every now and then where it would be slippery. Noba was glad that he did that, because right next to him was a deep way down. “Okay.. I am an idiot on using my earth…” He already commented as he didn’t notice it earlier. Hatter would simply comment that stupid brute forces existed. “t-that is mean…” He simply shrugged it off and would start to walk towards the edge. It would spiral down until they were on the ground. “Torches?” “They seem to be burning for a long while.” “The scent isn’t here…” “They must have dulled it then…” “maybe..” It was a rather hard way to figure things out especially when it was dark too. Slowly he placed his hand on the wall while he let the fireball extinguish. “Let’s do it like this…” He simply commented in a half whisper towards his flying friend. The wall was feeling rather damp to the touch. ‘There must be water close by… or a source near.’ were the thoughts crossing the other and he slowly would start to walk down the pathway. Sometimes you could hear footsteps and voices, but there was no human in seight. “Huh…?” He was questioning his own sanity at this given point… Yet as he walked on he started to let down his guard. “Maybe just an old mine…” He started to mutter and shrug his shoulders. Hatter did complain about him leaving his guard down, but he did started to feel on edge. They had already went through a good set of rooms now.

One of the newer rooms was different then the others, two huge wooden cages. A table on a heightened area with books filled. Noba even remained silent as he went through the stuff. The bookshelves were filled with books, candles, pencils and even apples. “This is still being in use…” Noba softly spoke as Hatter started to go around the place. “This… doesn’t seem like the best place..” He said as he started to point out some shackles that were hanging onto the wall. “y-yikes… do you think is..?” Noba started to point out a table which held shackles on it. “I know enough…” Was Hatter his only thought and he hid his hands. Somewhat old memory returned to him and he shuddered. “I think you will be fine on here on out…” He said and would excuse himself as he pulled away. “Great.. now I am alone…” He muttered as he started to look more around the room. Something was off about this… yet he couldn’t really place his finger onto it. As he went to the new room a clicking sound was made. “Y-yikes… what…” Noba got a chill running over his spine. Slowly he looked back and returned to the room. Everything even looked the same.. “Must… have been nothing…” He started to chuckle rather awkward. Once he turned around there was a huge hit… and he was falling to the ground, unsure what had happened.

His eyes opened up slowly, he was tied up laying on the ground. His head felt heavy and his vision was blurred. “W-what..?” He questioned and tried to move a little but his whole body ached. “A-t-t… t-that hurts…” He muttered soft and gritted his teeth afterward. Slowly he started to feel if there were any wounds that prevented him from moving. “Nothing broken… No major wounds that is life-threatening... “ Was the reaction of the demon inside of him. “Thanks, Nala…” He commented and would slowly sit up, biting through the pain. “Whatever they did… it hurts… I don't even recall.” he muttered and once he was up he started to look more around. His surroundings slowly got to him. Torchlight in the hallway, the light reflected by a puddle of water on the ground. A little bit of light was from his own room as there were small little holes that served as a ventilation and light source. That was the only way he could even tell it was night time. "Alright…." He muttered and knew this was serious moment time. He reached for a sharp rock to cut his thumb on, when it was done and his finger was bleeding he would place it on the ground behind him. “Summoning Jutsu… Yokai!” He said and having to actually summon Jibril gave her more powers to then when she was around herself. With a shadow version of herself, she pulled out from Noba’s shadow and would grin. “What can I do, Master~?” Her voice was purring as she knew this was the serious time right now. She untied the man by using her scythe and after that Noba immediately went to the gate and used more jutsu to simply open it up. “Nala…” He said and would slowly gain grey hairs, one turf of hair stayed darker then the rest and his skin turned like ash. “Let’s do this.” He said and would get going through the halls, everyone who stood in his path would face a wrath of this Jinchuriki. “Where is the old man?!” He snapped at a man who was pinned against the wall by the hands of the angry young adult. “Not going to tell!” “Then we just have to make you~” He grinned and lowered his head, he would use his other hand to pierce the chest area and make one lung fall together. “Heh- Not so tough now huh?” He questioned and the man was gasping for air, fear was filing in his eye as he didn’t exactly know what this man could do. As he had no problem with puncturing a lung. “F-fine!” He panted out and would keep gasping while telling the position where they were keeping the old man. “Out there huh…” Noba replied calmly to the matter and snapped the poor man's neck as he dropped it. The man fell like a bag of potatoes to the floor and Noba walked over the body.

Part of the wall exploded inwards and guards were standing up, standing ready for whatever would face them. Due to the sudden light income, there was only a silhouette of a man standing there, slowly it moved and hand signs were made. Noba’s gaze was cold as a gate started to fill the gap. Slowly he walked through it. “You will suffer…” Was the voice low and dark, slowly the gate started to expand, they morphed into arms as they started to reach out to the guards. “Gate of Enma..” Noba whispered and Jibril would scan the room further. The guards were standing there, shivering on their feet as they were swept up and taken in by the gate. “Don’t worry, you guys will feel at home~! The home of my master~!” The female hummed happily as she waved the last one off. “Hell that is…” Just before he was sucked in she said that and her eyes gleamed. “Shall we go? He is a floor up.” she commented and would clear the stairway of the banner that was hanging in front of it. “Let’s go.” Noba said and would sprint up those stairs, once he was up he was a hit full below the chest and the air was knocked out. Jibril quickly came to his aid and severed the head. “You alright?” “t-thanks…” he panted out and stood up once more. ‘My body still hasn’t recovered from before… I have to be careful now…’ He thought and Nala was one to agree. “Noba!” The old man sounded from the chair, it almost seemed like he was free to leave when he wanted. “Old geezer!” A tickle in his mind reminded him that these were the moments he should be wary off, the moments that they saw each other… And it was good that he did because he managed to block off one more guy. “So your the leader…” he said as they had clashed with each other’s kunai. “So what if?” He smirked big and made distance and conquered up a fireball jutsu. ‘Single handed..?’ His mind questioned the other as quick as he put up a barrier. “Jibril…” He muttered and he himself would get a glow before that glow took inside of himself, his hairs turning grey with a single tuft of hair blue. Marks got to his body and his single eye started to glow. “Nala… Let’s get serious…” Jibril had already gotten the hint and made a dip for the shadows to get towards the old man. Quickly Noba made a few seals for himself and soon the name of the jutsu followed. “Absolute Void… Let’s see how you do this in the dark… Because I have closed my eyes.” He grinned and would start the fight for real. But as the battle went on, Jibril started to get the old man free. The old geezer didn’t look much towards Jibril but more towards his successor. This was something he didn’t want the other involved in, mainly because it was for his own. Slowly the male started to sneak away from the scene, later on, the Yokai formed back behind the Jinchuriki user. “Done, master.” She commented and now Noba knew he could go free out from here. “Thank you Jibril.” He commented simply and blocked off another Jutsu. “Let’s finish this Nala, maybe with an overkill.” He stated in his mind and they both did agree that this matter already took too long for their taste. Within seconds the other was wiped away as they did a Vanishing world… But of course, their minds didn’t take up that the building would be gone too… There was nothing nowhere the building was remaining. “Eh---...” They questioned as they stood on the ground, their chakra wearing off. “Pfuwaaah… I am drained.” And that was something Jibril noticed, she stood in front of Noba in her small version. “C-cute…” He muttered and of course Jibril started to sob. “Now I am weak again!” “Yeaah… Nala and I let go a little…” “I KNOW!” She said and started to puff up her cheeks, crossing her arms. They were all laughing about it in the end. Gramps was grateful for the rescue that his successor underwent, but still called him foolish. “You know what could have happened to you?” “I know now… They wanted Nala, not me… I always have a target on my back everywhere I go, not only because of my last name gramps. I learned that the other day in Sand, I learn a lot there and like it.” And with that he started to tell the story about who what and where.

Once they were close to the gate, he would say his goodbyes towards his master as he wanted to part ways here again. “Just don’t get in trouble again old geezer..” He said and would wave the man off. “Do you think he will be fine?” Noba questioned after towards Nala, who nodded in his mind. “He will always be fine, however, he is getting old…” “Old yeah… Wonder when that time will come.” “Sad times come and go… Now let’s get to bed, I am exhausted.” “Yeah… same…” he started to stretch out his limbs as he suppress a yawn, but that stretch was pure karma… it was painful. “I need to see another med nin…” he groaned big time.