Event Takaoma Town Taken To Task [S-Rank]

Shinrya Kitsune

11th Raikage
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Oct 23, 2012
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As the storm swept the village, freezing civilians and enemies alike – which was very much against the mission parameters – an eerie silence descended upon the village, as buildings and people slowly began freezing in place. Many of the guards, due to their metallic armor, quickly began developing frostbite in the areas exposed to the metal. Great for the strike team, terrible for the Tenouzan church. As was pretty typical of someone with Maru’s proclivities, he went absolutely bonkers overboard, and at the same time succeeded at distracting the church soldiers as was his task. Now he’d just have to keep it up until the primary objective was complete.

Saki on the other hand behaved a whole lot more professionally and as he snuck around the village, evading civilians and zealots. It was quite the insane scene he was beholding, yet it was very real, and he’d have to figure out how to tackle the new situation. Ahead of him was the warehouse containing the primary target: Gear, armor, and weaponry made from dimiterium. It was unguarded with all the chaos going on, and he had free access to slip in and obtain everything required for the mission’s success. All it’d take is a way to carry it all out of there.

Meanwhile, Miro was ordered to go get the book by Saki, and thanks to the chaos from the storm, even that area wasn’t as heavily guarded as it should’ve been. Miro skillfully disabled the guards using compressed balls of lullaby powder so they’d fall asleep and leave the target unguarded. After that it was a cinch to obtain the book, well, almost. Miro had to actually execute the priest holding onto the book to get it out of his grip. Now, however, she’d just have to meet up with the rest of the strike team, without being noticed and with a big book strapped to her back. Was that the safest way to store it?

Lastly, there was Kazuya, searching for targets, he tried to assault them with his shadows, but what he didn’t know was that the armor had a slight area of effect, so the shadows were dispelled before they could pierce the soft area between the plating. Of course this also meant that Kazuya was still undetected, but very much without his intended quarry. How would he handle failing to take down the zealots he’d come across? More importantly, how would the zealots react to a shinobi suddenly being behind them while they’re taking cover from the storm in an alleyway? Not well, that’s how. Kazuya would have to think fast.