Inner Village Zones

The overly colorful and never boring capital region of the Earth Country. Looking over the sea, all roads and sea routes lead the weary here and with that, a good meal and an even better story is never far away.

Shrine of the Gods

Depicted as spherical shrine to the Gods, this hovering tribute lies watchful over the people of Maruishi and inspires hope. The shrine is suspended in air, levitating on a never ending chakra stream, producing anti-gravitational energy, allowing it to remain suspended and move around the village, occasionally slipping out of view and never staying in the same place. Inside the shrine, lies an entire complex network of elite shinobi, who serve as guardians to the Gods, protecting their people, though not many are aware the shrine is hollow. Only the ‘Chosen’ shinobi are granted access to the inner sanctum, which acts as a general hub of information. ANBU AREA

The Abandoned Mineshaft

A seemingly abandoned diamond mine within Iwagakure. Adventuring without a proper guide or a good understanding of a miners craft has led many to their doom. Entrance is strictly prohibited unless one has the proper certifications to work in such a dangerous environment.

Spartan Quarters

A moniker given by the fare outside who has seen Iwagakure. Homes are simple, although many argue that the structures themselves are a work of art, being carved from stone with precision, care, symmetry and close attention to detail. Besides the structures themselves, homes do not have a great deal of decoration besides an altar to honor their ancestors that is often adorned with trinkets of loved ones. Shelves serve as storage space for everything from clothes to pots, pans, weapons and utensils. A rolled up mat and blankets usually rest against the wall or are left out in the center of the space. Most shinobis have their own home and rarely live with extended family. ACADEMY & ARENA